FedEx Social Map + VP Sessions

(Re)designing more effective leadership teams.

Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, has said the 21st century will be the equivalent of 20,000 of years of progress.

What does this mean for how leaders lead?

FedEx partnered with Unboundary, initially helping a relatively small group of senior leaders see the key drivers of change and use that context to explore how they need to grow to be effective in the rapidly emerging future.

The lens it created was so powerful it has become an experience for over 1,500 leaders (and counting) around the globe, helping to redefine leadership and foster aligned foresight.

Future leadership asks questions of us all.

The “Social Map” experience ignited generative conversations and new thinking among senior officers. How do we become a more connected team? How do we create the curious, learning culture needed to ensure sustained innovation? And, as the experience expanded to include more leaders, small group sessions allowed exchange that began to redesign leadership.

Growing in effectiveness, both as individuals and as a team.

What that redesign has resulted in is a prototype program for FedEx VPs.

The program — developed and delivered by Unboundary and our partner Leaders Lyceum — creates a real-world lab, where an intact team of leaders work together on a current create-the-future initiative, learning how to lead more effectively in a world of increasing complexity and contradiction. The results to date are a gain of 30% in team effectiveness and +25% on individual effectiveness.

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