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The Work of Leaders

Well-managed but under-led organizations fade into the pack faster these days. This microbook isolates the six critical things leaders do, helping clarify real leadership from great management or individual contribution. Every page will make you a better leader.

The Adaptiveness Field Guide

Adapting to constant change is the most coveted capability — for individuals and organizations. And yet we lack the deep understanding of how to strengthen our ability to adapt, so we change what’s possible rather than simply navigate what comes. This deeply researched little book offers practical how-to tips that will elevate your and your team’s adaptiveness.

Building the Strategic Muscle That Transformation Requires

The trend of transformation offices and chief transformation officers is a strong signal it’s time to rethink both where and how strategy is developed in organizations. This microbook makes the case for using constant transformation as the lens for strategic thinking, so your teams and organization are built for the ever-faster future.

Ten Things That Frank Gehry Can Teach Leaders

In an arena filled with outsized egos, Frank Gehry has the distinction of being regarded by his peers as the greatest living architect. That’s due in large part to how nearly every one of his projects maintains fidelity to his extraordinary vision. Drawn from studying the habits and practices of this master architect, this microbook offers unique perspective on ways to achieve more consistently what you envision.

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