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Change and complexity are rising faster than leaders' effectiveness. That gap makes it harder for teams to deal with the challenges and opportunities coming at them.

Leader Labs were created so teams can bridge this gap — helping them build the perspective, mindset, and habits to achieve all that's possible.

Unboundary's Leader labs take four forms:
Unboundary Leader Labs New Normal Leader transformational leadership intensive

A focused, full-day session that boots a team's alignment and effectiveness.    

Brain Spas

Highly customized experience that expands and sharpens a team's perspective on strategic issues it's facing.

Boot Camps

Shorter, cadenced sessions that build new ways of aligning and working.  

Keynote Talks

Case for change and introduction of critical new habits, incorporating a self-assessment tool.

Unboundary Leader Labs Brain Spa
Unbondary Leader Labs Boot Camp working session
Tod Martin on stage as a TED Talks speaker

Adaptive. Inventive. Effective.

“Unboundary’s Leader Labs are those rare days that actually teach you how to think strategically in this era.”

Dr. Keith Eigel, Author, The Map and co-founder of The Leaders Lyceum
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Unboundary’s Leader Labs are designed to address three critical needs —

  1. Strategic foresight that ensures you and your team act on what matters.
  2. Tighter alignment so your organization can transform above the pace of change.
  3. Rebalancing leadership versus management — rather than conflating the two into something less effective.

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