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Change has changed — dramatically and unexpectedly. We see transformation as purposely designed change, using six interrelated components. Each webinar in the "Design Your Future" series discusses new approaches and ways of thinking to help us all move past yesterday’s logic.
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Effectiveness Design

Effectiveness design equips leaders with new capabilities needed for the complexity of transformation. Do you have a growth mindset? Are you adaptive? We discuss these and other topics.

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Foresight Design

Foresight gives us greater power to shape our future even in the most turbulent times. We discuss expanding perspective, becoming a curator and thinking in terms of now, near and far to build stronger foresight.

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Narrative Design

Narrative has superhuman power. It can excite an organization with purpose and meaning. Pull people into alignment and action towards opportunity.  And create collective effort to realize important outcomes.

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Culture Design

Cultures can be energized by giving everyone something bigger to believe in and strive for. This webinar explores how shared beliefs create authentic engagement.

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Strategy Design

Is your strategy process keeping up with the pace of change? Today’s intense and dynamic environment requires a rethink. Sure it's moving iteratively and more quickly, but it’s also thinking differently about the work to be done.

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Organization Design

Organization Design is ensuring that collective action is productive and meaningful. Increasing trust, speeding decision-making, leaning into tension, and busting silos.

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