Don’t get stuck in a rut.

Author and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Eric Hoffer observed, “In times of change, learners inherit the earth — while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Raj Subramaniam, now CEO of FedEx, wanted to give 600+ marketing, strategy, and communications team members a development experience that would keep them ahead of the curve. He turned to Unboundary to develop and deliver FIT — FedEx Inspired Training. Six two-and-a-half-day sessions of 100+ team members each were conducted over eight months.  

FIT was designed to increase cross-knowledge, since FedEx Marketing is unique among Fortune 100 companies in terms of breadth. The real focus, though, was on helping team members see and start to develop important capabilities for the future.

Turn experts into teachers.

Part of the experience leveraged FedEx experts, coaching them using our TEDx experience to give “the talk of their career.”

“You've given me incredible confidence in something I didn't even know I could do. Your support and coaching really helped me believe in myself.”

Team members prototyped digital user experiences (DUX), which were then tested overnight in videotaped sessions with users, determining who won the coveted FIT DUX award.

Integrate outside perspective and expertise.

From top business school professors to acclaimed journalists to professionals in similar roles in peer companies, external experts and examples were used to stretch team members’ thinking.

“I'm a designer, and I can be very critical, so I kept looking for flaws, and I found nothing. Every aspect — the ideas, thinking, speakers and execution was as good as it gets. A fantastic experience.”
“FIT validates me. The work I do is actually the work of the future. It feels great that we'll all be speaking the same language.”
“FIT made me feel so proud to work for FedEx. Simple, relevant, the best FedEx-sponsored event I've been to.”
“I truly was inspired to take my job to the next level and use new and different ways to achieve results. Everyone should go through this training, not just marketing and communications.”
ranked the experience excellent or very good
believe the ideas they learned at FIT will change the way they work

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